Making Every Square Foot Count

Finding a way to get the job done and make every square foot count - see how Team Projects make it happen.
Making Every Square Foot Count

On our Cat A refurbishment project on Borough High Street, our team has worked closely with the client team to ensure they get as much Net Internal Area (NIA) returned as possible.

We reconfigured the risers and core areas, to maximise the NIA, gaining an extra 92 sq.ft per floor. When added up over 5 floors it becomes a very valuable exercise for our Landlord client.

This is one of the many ways we add value to our clients and their projects. It’s a simple case of understanding specific needs from the outset.

We partner with clients to make ambitions a reality, designing and delivering the places you need and making them work for you. Whatever your aspirations for your space, we’ll meet your needs – from first phone call to project finish.

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