The Delivery is in the Detail: Coordinating Construction Projects in London

Team Projects’ Project Manager, Peter Russell, explains how we overcome the challenges of coordinating construction projects in London.
The Delivery is in the Detail: Coordinating Construction Projects in London

Let’s be honest, every construction project in London comes with it’s own logistical challenges. However, when working in a land-locked building, surrounded by commercial offices, residents and retail units it requires a lot of coordination.

The project involved creating a new pop-up feature roof extension, roof terraces, acoustic plant enclosure and re-roofing works to the rear of the building. As well as new front entrances, new plant installation and Cat A fit outs across 6 floors.

Overcoming Access Limitations

Access was incredibly restricted with no room for a crane or any meaningful mechanical lifting. Working closely with our key supply chain and designers we carefully positioned small lifting beams in areas to the rear of the building. Components were designed down to the minimum sizes to enable the materials to be distributed in the most economical way. As a result, all the external works could continue without interfering with the internal fit out programme.

Our people at Team Projects enjoy a good challenge, collaboratively solving them with our clients and their consultants. Whether it be at the design stage, commercial or a complex construction, if you’ve got a challenging project coming up, reach out to us.

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